Victims' Rights Caucus



Mar 07 2007


Mr. Speaker, the Federal Government is helping and encouraging illegals in this country to send money south of the border. Here is how it works.

The Federal Reserve, in a program called Directo a Mexico, allows illegals that have no Social Security numbers and no American IDs to send billions of dollars through U.S. banks to Mexico.

The Federal Reserve, also at taxpayer expense, provides banks with promotional marketing propaganda in Spanish so as to appeal to the ever-growing illegal population. This untaxed money to Mexico is about $23 billion a year and a drain on the United States economy.

The banks make a profit off the illegals and their transfers. It is all about banking greed. These transactions should be taxed, and the banks should be required to collect the taxes.

Keep some of that money in the United States to pay for all the social services that illegals obtain and don't pay for. Banks should not be in the business of helping illegals in the United States send money anywhere, and neither should our Federal Government, for that matter. But banking greed seems to rule the day.

And that's just the way it is.