Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, President Obama has unilaterally brought America into its third war the war in Libya.

The Constitution provides that Congress, not the Executive, should decide to go to war with other nations. Even the War Powers Resolution does not give the President the omnipotent power to continue this war.

The resolution says that there must have been an attack on the United States or that the war is in the national security interest of the United States. Neither has occurred. Also, the War Powers Resolution requires a ceasing of hostility after 60 days unless there is Congressional approval. Congress has not approved this war.

The Presidents new innovative argument for this war is that the United States is not really engaged in hostilities in Libya; therefore, we are not at war. I assume war is in the eyes of the beholder.

Mr. Speaker, throughout history, national executives have justified wars because, well, theyve wanted to go to war. The Constitution and the law have been trampled on by this march to war. But we cannot let the Constitution get in the way of a good war, can we?

And thats just the way it is.