Victims' Rights Caucus



Sep 10 2007


Mr. Speaker, apparently the U.S. air base at Ramstein, Germany, and the Frankfurt airport were targets last week of a foiled terrorist attack.

   German authorities arrested three outlaws as they were mixing chemicals to make explosives. And guess what, all three individuals were Islamic radicals belonging to a fringe group called Islamic Jihad Union linked to al Qaeda--yet another example of criminals who kill in the name of religion and hate.

   These Islamic radicals don't believe in building a better world, but believe in blowing it up. The war on terror is a global war whether we like it or not, and a fight between civilization and the uncivilized. It is a fight over life versus death. It is a fight over peace versus anarchy. It is a fight over the right to be left alone versus chaos. The international terrorists who wish to kill Americans must be tracked down wherever they are and dealt with as law and justice demands.

   Those Americans who fail to acknowledge who these criminals are and have us retreat from this world conflict know little about the way the world is and seemingly live blissfully ignorant in the world of never, never land.

   And that's just the way it is.