Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, if there is one thing the Federal Government is really good at, it is wasting money, and thanks to the so-called stimulus bill, there are millions of citizen dollars floating around loose being blown by the wind of the waste-acrats.

The money is not being used to create permanent jobs in the private sector. State governments are using stimulus money for their own pet programs. But States are also required to put up stimulus signs where no projects have even started.

One New Hampshire community was told if they didn't put up a government sign, they wouldn't get any money. Pay for the stimulus boondoggle PR blitz, or no funds. And these signs cost taxpayers up to $2,000 a piece. Now, here is one of those signs. The Feds are trying to convince people that the stimulus is a success. Of course, there is no work taking place below this sign.

It is easier to create million dollar public relations signs than it is to create real jobs. The PR propaganda campaign by the Federal Government claiming the stimulus plan is working is an expensive myth.

And that's just the way it is.