Victims' Rights Caucus



Madam Speaker, the anti-crude oil crowd has an ethical dilemma. You see, they don't want to drill for crude in Alaska, they don't want to drill offshore, especially off that sacred west coast. They don't want any refineries to produce that crude into products. They are just against all this nonsense. After all, they say, crude is the demon of the Earth.

   However, they don't have a problem with using everything that comes from crude, like gasoline that comes from crude off the Texas east coast, refined in American refineries. And it seems to me that the irrational non-drillers should lead by example, rather than being hypocritical by preaching damnation to crude oil, but using its by-products every day. So no more plastic water bottles, no using insecticides, no more fertilizer, medicine, candles, nylon, paint, makeup, perfume, computers or detergents. No more car rides or plane rides, and no more home heating oil come winter. After all, all of these things come from crude oil.

   The radical don't-drill folks should literally walk the walk, instead of talking the big talk about how they are going to save us all from that demon crude oil, but sanctimoniously use its products every day.

   And that's just the way it is.