Victims' Rights Caucus



May 13 2011


Mr. Speaker, on the violent Texas/Mexico border, Zeta pirates gunned down David Hartley on the international border of Falcon Lake last year. His wife, Tiffany, was able to escape the shots fired at her. This happened 8 months ago. David is one of 111 Americans murdered in Mexico last year, and none of these cases have been solved.

Tiffany was in D.C. this week trying to find out some answers about her husbands murder. She wants to know why the federal government is not investigating this cause and also putting pressure on Mexico to do the same. Only Sheriff Sigi Gonzales of Zapata County, TX seems to be pursuing the criminal case.

However, when ICE Agent Jaime Zapata was murdered in Mexico, the United States quickly, and rightly so, pressured Mexico to investigate the homicide. Our government should be just as concerned about David Hartley and the other Americans murdered in lawless Mexico.

Why is our government apparently missing in action?

Also, President Calderon was in D.D. this week to receive an award. Too bad he didnt stay around long enough to meet with Tiffany and explain to her why his government isnt doing anything to bring the killers of her husband to justice.

And thats just the way it is.