Victims' Rights Caucus



Jan 19 2007


Mr. Speaker, on the desolate Arizona-Mexico board last week, a border agent was apprehending seven illegals when a fight broke out at the scene. The border agent shot one of the illegals. The Mexican Government, in its self-righteous arrogance and without knowing any of the facts, has already condemned the border agent.

President Calderon, like Generalisimo Fox before him, is partly responsible for this incident. Why? Because his government encourages illegals to sneak into America. The blood of the dead is on the hands of the Mexican Government.

Meanwhile, back in Texas, a criminal illegal from Mexico, having been deported several times, is charged with the murder of a Houston police officer by shooting him in the back. Don't hear much outrage and protest from President Calderon on this case. Why not? President Calderon needs to quit blaming the U.S. for problems he is responsible for in Mexico because his people are fleeing Mexico's third-world environment. He needs to quit encouraging illegals to go to America. He needs to quit making his problem our problem; otherwise, more Americans and Mexicans will continue to die on the border.

And that's just the way it is.