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Poe Co-sponsors Bills Prohibiting Social Security Benefits for Illegals

Without action from Congress benefits will automatically go into effect

Today Congressman Ted Poe co-sponsored two pieces of legislation to prohibit illegal aliens from collecting Social Security benefits.

One bill, H.Res. 18, expresses the disapproval by the House of Representatives of the Social Security Totalization Agreement. The other, the Social Security Protection Act, will prohibit illegal aliens from receiving Social Security benefits during the time they were in the country illegally.

Under the Social Security Totalization Agreement, illegal immigrants who have been working in this country illegally would be eligible to receive Social Security benefits if they gain legal status through amnesty or some other plan.

"People who break our laws and enter this country illegally should not have the same benefits as American citizens who have paid into the system, said Poe. Congress must not reward illegal behavior.

Once signed by the President, the Social Security Totalization Agreement will not become law until after it has been presented to Congress. Once presented, Congress has 60 days to vote to reject the Totalization Agreement otherwise the agreement automatically goes into effect.

The Social Security Protection Act, introduced by fellow Texan John Carter, will prohibit illegal aliens from receiving Social Security benefits for the time they were in the country illegally.

Specifically, Carters bill prohibits social security from paying out benefits to any U.S. citizen for wages earned for any time they were in the United States illegally. It also instructs the Commissioner of Social Security to recompute all existing benefits to that citizen to account for any Social Security taxes paid while working without authorization.

Congressman Poe serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Congressional Port Security Caucus and the Immigration Reform Caucus. For more information on Congressman Poe, please visit our website at .