Victims' Rights Caucus


Mr. Speaker, Dianne Rowland of Houston has written me about the illegal invasion into the United States. She writes, ``I just heard that the Border Patrol is providing information to the Mexican Government on the location of the Minutemen. Obviously, the Mexican Government then relays that information to the illegals, since Mexico wants to transfer their problems to us.

``Stop the spying and reporting on the Minutemen. During World War II, would we have notified Japan or the Germans where we had Civil Air Patrol stations? I think not. This isn't any different, only we don't yet have a declared war with Mexico. However, it is apparent that we do have a war between the government and the American people.

``Leave the Minutemen alone. They are the only people I trust on the border. They are providing a service free of charge and doing a job that you, the government, can't do and refuse to do. They are not breaking any laws, but feeding information to Mexico should be against the law.''

Mr. Speaker, is our government at war with our own country? This Nation has the obligation to protect our borders, and those who play the role of Benedict Arnold and help Mexico to illegally invade the United States should be held publicly accountable and dealt with by the American public. And that's just the way it is.