Victims' Rights Caucus



Mr. Speaker, over a month ago, the administration promised to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the border. But the troops still aren't there. Now the White House is saying it'll be another month before there's a "steep ramp-up" of the troops--and they'll be there only 4 months. And there'll be a complete ramp-down by June of 2011. And they'll be unarmed National Guardsmen.

You see, the troops aren't actually going to the border. There will be unarmed guards guarding computers 50 miles north of the border. And there'll be 1,200 troops but they all won't be there at the same time. That's like saying a store is open 24 hours but just not 24 hours in a row. What kind of border security plan is that? There is no sense of urgency to stop the violence and the killing along the border. Too much rhetoric and too little action coming out of the White House. Like my grandfather used to say, there's more thunder than rain.

And that's just the way it is.