Victims' Rights Caucus



Mar 06 2009


Madam Speaker, today, March 6, is an important day in not only Texas's history but American history because this is the day that the Alamo fell with 187 volunteers from all States in the United States and numerous foreign countries. Even though all of the defenders of the Alamo were killed, ten times that number was killed on the enemy side, the invading Mexican army.

March 2, earlier this week, was the day that Texas declared independence from Mexico. And during that final successful battle at San Jacinto, Texas gained independence and was a free and independent nation for over 9 years.

There are many Texas heroes, remembering, of course, they came from all over the world, at the Alamo. We've heard about William Barret Travis, the commander; Davy Crockett; Jim Bowie. We later hear about Sam Houston at the battle of San Jacinto.

But we often don't remember a person by the name of James Butler Bonham. A 29-year-old, he was from the University of South Carolina, grew up in Red Bank, South Carolina. He was a boyhood friend of William Barret Travis. And it was his job, along with Juan Seguin, to try to seek out reinforcements to the Alamo. He would break through enemy lines numerous times to try to bring people to come in aid at the Alamo. He was successful in bringing 32 men from Gonzales. He breaks through the lines his final time, goes to Washington-on-the-Brazos to try to get more recruits. They refused to go because they were trying to build a government. And when he left that time on March 3, he made the report that ``I will report back to my friend William Barret Travis or die in the attempt that no one is coming.'' He broke through the enemy lines one last time, and 3 days later, he and the other 186 defenders of the Alamo gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.

Another example in American history of the character and integrity of people who have lived before us that believe some things are worth fighting for and one of those is freedom, liberty, and independence.

And that's just the way it is.