Victims' Rights Caucus


9 direct requests approved totaling $6,302,500

3 indirect/joint requests approved totaling $34,061,750

City of Houston - $350,000

Houston Police Department LiveScan Equipment

  • Funding to purchase more LiveScan equipment, enabling them to capture electronic fingerprints and be part of the IAFIS (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System) program to determine in seconds alienage and criminal history.

City of Houston - $150,000

Houston Police Department Mobile AFIS Equipment

  • Funding to purchase 50 additional handheld devices to quickly capture biometric information of suspects to determine their criminal histories, outstanding warrants, including failure to appear for an immigration proceeding

University of Houston - $475,750

Center for Clean Fuels and Power Generation

  • Funds would be focused on the synthesis and development of clean and sustainable fuels, their combustion for efficient generation of portable power, and their exhaust after-treatment for minimal impact to the environment.

Gulf Intracoastal Canal Association - $29,586,000

(GIWW) Operations and Maintenance

  • Funds would be used for dredging of selected GIWW reaches in Texas.
  • Victoria, Cedar Bayou, and Harlingen Channels: $5.9 million