Victims' Rights Caucus



Madam Speaker, as positive progress continues against America's enemies in Iraq, the vocal, timid and meek here at home promote a strategy of defeat and retreat. Victory to these retreatists is not an option because they plan for abandonment of the Iraqi people and failure for America's fight against those who murder in the name of religion.

These war alarmists wish to capitulate in this war. They want to redeploy the troops, which means withdraw our military while they are in the midst of success. This strategy of defeat will not bring peace to Iraq or America. It will not stop the extremists, but increase their determination for more violence against the innocents. It will not make us safe at home, but encourage those who hate us to kill again. And those vile zealots will rightfully claim America doesn't have the stomach to fight for the God-given principles of liberty.

President Kennedy told the world that America will pay any price, support any friend and oppose any foe to defend liberty. We do not fight for ourselves alone. This war is more than for our cause alone. We fight for the human cause of all peoples to have the right of liberty. This alone should be our strategy.

And that's just the way it is.